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Tue, May. 26th, 2009, 06:15 pm
kellidunham: Super Sexy Gayety Queer Comedy Cabaret this Saturday

Still only seven bucks cover!

With special guests

-Rachel Kramer Bussel --Senior Editor at Penthouse Variations, and a Contributing Editor to Penthouse. Rachel has edited or co-edited 20 anthologies and has written about sex for the Village Voice, Curve, On Our Backs and come to think about it, just about everywhere.
-Joel Derfner, the adorable author of the award winning Gay Haiku and Swish: My Quest to Become the Queerest Person Ever. The last time Joel and Kelli Dunham performed at the same show, they both ended up naked. No promises, but we're just saying.

With Gayety regulars...
-Kelli Dunham, everyone's favorite ex nun genderqueer koala bear comic. You've seen her on Showtime and the Discovery Channel and  possibly in sober threeways after just about small town pride. 
-Bevin Branlandingham, producer of Femme-Cast and Former Titleholder, Queen of Drunken Texting will be femceeing.

Wed, Apr. 22nd, 2009, 01:35 pm
kellidunham: Gayety! Now with 30 Percent More Gender Blending

Just when you thought it was safe to put away your tux! It's formal GAYETY! This Saturday, April 25 at 9.30 PM

Comedy Just Like Your Mom Made, If Your Mom Was Really Really Gay...

With special guests:

Glenn Marla, the fiercest downtown performance artist ever to don tights and multiple foundation garments as well as New York City's hottest fat go-go boy and a beauty pageant queen (Miss L.E.S. 2006).

Kick ass spoken word artist Cheryl B: "her prose/free verse poetry is often so explicit and frank that they prompt a belly-laugh one moment, a wounded gasp the next." -- The Wolf

As always:
Kelli Dunham, everyone's favorite ex-nun dorky comic. In keeping with the theme Kelli will be wearing her best party dress and sharing the curtsy technique she learned at White Gloves and Party Manners classes in the beet/beef land of her Wisconsin boihood.

Bevin Brandlandingham, glitterqueen fabulous femcee (even when injured) and producer, Femmecast.


FREE BROWNIES! Kelli will be workshopping her Big Bad Butch Brownie flavors (five so far, including bacon) in preparation for their debut at the Celebration of Butch Voices so come prepared to laugh and eat chocolate. Life just doesn't get any better than that, dude.

Still only seven bucks. Gayety happens at the sensation that is Re/Dress 109 Boreum Place, Bergen Street stop on the F/G train. Background info (although not information about the latest show) about Gayety is available here.

Mon, Mar. 23rd, 2009, 04:45 pm
kellidunham: Gayety: Comedy Like Your Mom Made: If Your Mom Was Really Really Gay


This Saturday, March 28 @ 9.30 PM, Gayety is back, now even better than ever, with a brand new venue and special guests. 

This month's theme is Sailor Gayety! Which might mean sailor themed comedy but will more likely mean sailor themed outfits. 

With the Gayety Players: 
Kelli Dunham (Penn and Teller's Bullshit, the Discovery Network) with her all new "library boi" set. 
Femcee Bevin Brandlandingham (creator, Femmecast) 

Marvelous special guests 
Dan Fishback "...a funny, bouncy pop upstart" Time Out New York (http://www.danfishback.com
Loren Krywanczyk, queer activist, writer, socialite, and savant 

Still only seven bucks! 

Re/dress New York's only vintage store for sizes 14 +http://www.redressnyc.com/ 
109 Boreum Place Brooklyn 
Take the F/G to Bergen Street stop 
Come early if you want to shop; Re/dress closes its cash registers at 9 PM 

As always, you can see pics from last month's Gayety and read more about this comfy, funny event at http://gayety.wordpress.com

Fri, Oct. 24th, 2008, 01:38 pm
seerinc: UberCon!!

UberCon XI is here and this is the last one until UC XII, October 23-25, 2009! We're busy setting up and have the following updates for you:

* Online pre-registration is now closed. We will register you at the desk!
* The hotel has agreed to provide:
o Lunch: $7.99
o Dinner: $9.99
o Menu will be posted when we receive it...
* Hotel rooms are still available. Please call Aleesha through the front desk ((732) 980-0400) to arrange. Mention UberCon, as this helps keeps our convention prices lower!
* For Matt. Joking aside, we'll fix this shortly after the con.
* Highlights:
o Huge Library of Boardgames! (BRD)
o RPGA and Indie RPG events!
o Peggle Tournaments! (LAN)
o Rock Band 2! (CONsole)
o Incognito: Live (LARP)
o ConSuite (relatively new to UberCon, but vastly enjoyed)
o Costume Contest
o Counter Strike and Team Fortress!

Thu, Oct. 23rd, 2008, 09:16 pm
seerinc: Hi All!

Ok- short and sweet...

Adult male gamer LFG for D&D, Cyberpunk, whatever.

Have many years of experience in many different games.

Prefer the outer boros- namely Staten Island/Brooklyn, but can go pretty much anywhere.

Days/times are open.

Tue, Jul. 29th, 2008, 02:47 pm
seerinc: Hey guys.

I run a resource/support center for our returning military and their families. SISOS.org.
We just received state legislation allowing us to open up a food pantry on Staten Island. It is a daunting task, but something that has been needed for quite some time.
Here's my current dilemma and my plea.
We need some form of software that will accomplish some pretty specific tasks. Basically a point of sale system combined with an inventory control program all tied into a database with two different levels of accessibility.
Everything that I have found on line is so far out of our price range as to be laughable since we are a non-profit organization supported mainly by private donations.
Does anyone have any information which may be of assistance- or is someone out there into programming and needs a tax write off?
If anything pops into mind, please contact me at seerinc@yahoo.com or 347-280-8129. Just ask for Paul.

Thanks in advance.

Thu, Jul. 17th, 2008, 12:33 am
seerinc: All I have to say is...

Watch this...

Parts 1 and 2 are up now. part 3 goes up on Saturday. the whole thing comes down on Sunday.

Joss Wheeden, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillian doing their take on a superhero musical.


Sun, Jul. 6th, 2008, 06:26 pm
seerinc: I need some help

Hey folks,

Would everyone please check their phones and memories for me?

I am in serious need of a headhunter.

Looking for a middle to upper level management position. Possibly in a troubleshooting, customer service or project management capacity.
If you know of something that might be available, I'll give you the info you need.

Thank you very much.

Tue, Jul. 1st, 2008, 02:45 pm
john_jaman: I attack the darkness!

The website I work for just released this subtitler game, so I thought I'd share my geekness with the world. This is only one of the ones I've made... this thing is like crack.


X-posted to hell and back.

Sun, Jun. 22nd, 2008, 11:59 pm
seerinc: This weekend is WickedFaire!!!

The Totally Normal Event is happening this Saturday, June 28th at the Hanover Marriott in Whippany , New Jersey . Brought to you by Jeff Mach's WickedEventsTeam, we are a gothic-renaissance convention for 'totally normal' people! Our performers include The Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione, Voltaire, Freezepop, The White Elephant Burlesque Society, Mary Cyn, Isaac Bonewits, and many more. Come and check out the vendors, who sell everything from Sculptoons, to leather goods, crystals to corsets, musical instruments to jewelry, and everything in between. Come and enjoy a plethora of events, including Zombie Movie Showings, demonstrations of all sorts, Human Bingo, a Pony Stable, whipping shows, human statues, auctions, swap meets, Henchman Championships, and more. Get your hair braided or a henna tattoo. Take part in all the events that our four Tribes, the Hedonists, Mad Scientists, Evil Overlords, and Talesenders have to offer. Find out more at http://wickedfaire.com/TNE/index.html and join our networking site at http://thetotallynormalworld.ning.com/.

Cross-posted like mad!!!
Gotta get the word out!

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